Eliminate Knee Pain without Surgery


Knee joint pain with or without arthritis is a major discomfort syndrome for the young and old. Common medical treatments could be pain pills that mask the pain and cause several side effects OR total knee replacement/arthroplasty (TKA) which is not free of risks and post surgical side effects.

Our research showed that there is strong link between your lower back condition and your knee pain. In fact, most patients with knee pain and arthritis showed reflex asymmetry (in EMG-Studies/tests) with smaller reflex magnitude on the same side of the symptomatic knee (pain). This occurs even in patients without lower back pain. We call this findings “silent back syndrome”. Normalizing that reflex asymmetry with our postural treatment program (and direction-sensitive therapy) will result in quick and lasting elimination of the knee pain with subsequent reduction of the arthritic condition. You will notice more than 30% improvement in the first session with increasing pain elimination; gait/walking symmetry and improved knee condition in the subsequent sessions.

Try our technique for 6 sessions & you will cancel your injections and the scheduled total knee replacement! Our program is completely covered by Medicare and all insurance carriers.

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